Do You Really Attach Importance to Anesthesia?

As a veterinarian, have you ever encountered …

  • Surgical failure resulted from anesthesia accidents
  • Recovery risk due to poor quality of anesthesia
  • Distraction due to anesthesia, hard to focus on operation

Running an animal hospital, have you ever encountered…

  • Medical disputes due to anesthesia accidents
  • Injection anesthesia limits business development
  • Low efficiency due to the restraint without anesthesia
Why Inhalation Anesthesia is Essential?
Less dependent on liver metabolism and kidney excretion than injectables. The patients will recover stable without delay. The artificial airway can provide adequate ventilation and eliminate airway obstructions. The patients are not easy to be allergic, minimizing the risks of anesthesia.
It reduces the risk of injury to veterinary staff and medical disputes caused by anesthesia accidents with the patients being more cooperative. It helps to expand the medical business and increase efficiency and effectiveness of business operations.
With inhalation anesthesia veterinarians can treat difficult diseases, thereby increasing the success rate of operations. It helps in controlling the patients in multiple diagnosis and treatment scenes, in the meantime protecting the veterinary staff.
Patients’ treatment plans are no longer limited by the risk of anesthesia. Owners are assured of surgical treatment and no longer refuse treatment for anesthesia risk, avoiding delay the condition of the patient. And they don’t have to worry about that the patient is hurt by violently restraint.
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"Safe" Anesthesia    Choose RWD
It is applicable to clinical anesthesia of dog, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodent, reptiles, birds etc. With minimal operation design, vet shall feel easy, safe and reliable to perform surgery on animals.

Product advantages:
1) High accuracy vaporizer: each one has an independent test report
2) Rail-mounted CO2 absorber: so easy to install and disassemble
3) One-switch to shift: One switch to close APL valve; one switch to shift between rebreathing and non-rebreathing circuits; one switch to disassemble the evaporator; one switch to start smart weighing

R640-S1 is an economical veterinary anesthesia machine designed with good performance but competitive price. Applicable to clinical anesthesia for dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodents, reptiles, birds etc.

Product advantages:
1) Red rotary float: much more eye-catching and readable
2) Embedded oxygen flush button: to prevent accidental operation
3) Compact structure and easy operation

R620-MRI has been tested by Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology. It has been proven that R620-MRI will not produce displacement and will not affect the operation and imaging of the magnetic equipment in magnetic environment within 3T.

Product advantages:
1) Test place: MRI imaging open laboratory of Shenzhen Institute of Advanced Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences
2) Test environment: can be used in magnetic resonance imaging environment within 3T
3) Test result: no displacement under 3T and no impact on imaging quality

>>>More product details
RSA inhalation anesthesia machine is specially designed for small pets such as reptiles, birds, cats, and small mammals within 12 kg. It features with dual-flow meter (air & oxygen) to meet the demands of different species.

Product advantages:
1) Dual-flow meter: 0-4L/min  (air and oxygen)
2) Embedded O2 flush button: to prevent accidental operation
3) Compact structure and easy operation

R640 is only used in animal research or veterinary medical fields, which is an excellent choice for Non-operating room anesthesia, like Treatment Room, Imaging Room, Anesthesia Preparation Room and Feline Specialist Clinics. It can effectively improve the treatment rate and the medical experience of the owner and animals.

Product advantages:
1) Non-rebreathing circuit: ensure fast induction, quicker wake up and recovery
2) Embedded oxygen flush valve: Oxygen flush with safety restrictor
3) 10L flow meter: Ideal for animals within 50kg

R630 was developed according to the requirement of veterinary clinics. Suitable for clinical anesthesia for dogs, cats, pigs, monkeys, rodents, reptiles, birds, etc.

Product advantages:
1) One machine, two options: dual evaporators meet various anesthesia needs, providing flexible anesthesia scheme and high quality
2) No drug mixing: "non-return" parallel structure to avoid drug mixing   
3) Leak-proof and error-proof: Easy Fill to avoid leakage and wrong anesthetic filling

Recommended One-stop Solution for Inhalation Anesthesia
  • Applicable to animal veterinary clinics; meets all needs of intraoperative anesthesia, monitoring, mechanical ventilation and exhausted gas recovery
  • Highly integrated, space-saving
  • Complete procurement, low maintenance cost later

  • Suitable for reptiles, birds, cats and small mammals weighing less than 12kg

  • Research-grade evaporator and air/oxygen dual-flow meter, while providing intermittent positive pressure ventilation (IPPV) to ensure the safety of animal anesthesia and ventilation in the full range

Customer Testimonials

We have received the anesthesia machine and we are using it with our students and colleagues in our post-degree program.
The device works fantastically well. The ventilator is very sensitive and adapts well to small patients, which is always important. It is super intuitive and very easy to control. Additionally, the absorbent filter for ISO makes it optimal for use in spaces without the "gas-exit" as in our case the X-ray or tomography rooms.

We got RWD anesthesia machine and the ventilator 2 months ago at #WASAVA conference.
The machine was easy to assemble and use.
The machine is working fine and very easy to switch from non breathing to breathing circuit with one switch.
The ventilator can be use from smallest to a largest companion animal.
We are happy with both the machine and the ventilator and have no complains.

First  in comparison to several other anesthesia machines the good workmanship and the thoughtful  details of the R620-S1 have convinced us.
or two months we have now been using the intelligent ventilator R419 and we are really excited about it. It offers all ventilation modes like volume controlled, pressure controlled and assisted ventilation and the clear layout of the display makes setting easy.

“I am absolutely delighted with the anesthetic machine; it was easy to assemble and use.  It is not only very efficient but also very economic to run (saving anesthetics), and   its portability makes it ideal to use anywhere in the Hospital.  
I am most impressed with the RWD Intelligent Ventilator, as a busy training school where we perform countless complex surgical procedures, we need a ventilator which is reliable and simple to use, I truly believe there is no other ventilator in the market that is more suitable.”
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