Have you encountered the following problems during sample observation?
  • The image of an experiment is not clear, resulting in difficult observation
  • Limited operation space and cumbersome operations affect the efficiency of your experiment
  • Prolonged observation of an experiment with your head down puts strain on your neck and shoulders
  • Your experiment has limited observation space, so multiple people are unable to be taught in real-time
  • The experiment process is unable to be recorded in real-time, cannot be reused multiple times, and these things result in poor teaching efficiency
This digital microscope completes real-time collections of high-definition images and videos for documentation and sharing
More details can be seen with a much clearer image

The DOM-1001 can display high-resolution images with vivid and true-to-life colors. Whether concerning life science, educational, or industrial use, you can observe 4K UHD pictures and videos, enabling you to see the smallest details in your samples.

  • The 16MP CMOS camera shows tiny details in the images you capture
  • The camera comes with fast automatic one-key exposure, supports exposure compensation, and can quickly shoot samples that contain areas of sharp bright and dark contrast
  • Auto/manual one-button white balance and support of adjustable RGB can be used to produce amazingly true-to-life colors
Fast real-time imaging allows you to view the current situation of your sample instantly

The 60fps CMOS camera provides FHD resolution real-time images with high-quality optics and a 7:1 zoom ratio (with switchable locking aperture) able to realize rapid conversion from an overview picture to a detailed picture.

There is no need to use eyepieces to observe images. This digital microscope makes experimental observations more convenient and efficient.
View more details of your sample from different perspectives

The DOM-1001 digital microscope comes with a multi-angle adjustment function allowing you to observe samples from various perspectives. This feature is especially useful in the following list of examinations:

  • Small animal surgery, forensic medicine, and morphology, including corrosion morphology of metal parts in material science
  • Observation of complex structures and morphology in manufacturing such as with coating, fractures, shrinkage porosity and caving; inspection of minor faults and defects in things such as circuit boards, inspection tools, and measuring tools; and soldering in semiconductor production
Through real-time screen projection, you can dynamically record your sample from multiple angles to share with others or analyze observation results.
Use your microscope independently or connect it to a computer

DOM-1001 digital microscopes can be used independently with different display sizes. (Such as a standard 11.6" display or optional 27" display.)

Make observations directly on your display screen by means of the HDMI interface, or present high-definition real-time images on your computer screen by using the USB interface.
Conveniently collaborate as a team and make work more efficient

DOM-1001 can quickly output images and videos in real time, and samples can be viewed by multiple people simultaneously. This allows those using the microscope to quickly and easily discuss the projects they are observing, and save time by making immediate decisions as a team.

This digital microscope is also an ideal instrument to be used when teaching others or leading a group of people. Simply connect your HDMI cable directly to a projector or monitor, and you will be able to share your observations with multiple people at the same time.
Get comfortable with better working posture and reduced physical strain

The DOM-1001 comes with a foot pedal to adjust focal length, has a working distance of 180 mm, and adopts ergonomic design principles that improve comfort as you work. These things help to prevent health problems and strain caused by working for prolonged periods of time.
Increase work time while you reduce training expenses

New users can quickly grasp how to operate the digital microscope and thereby quickly obtain results from sample observation. Observations, documentation, and analysis of your results can be made directly from the screen. 
Some responses from our customers
Mouse embryo observation

"The RWD digital microscope was able to clearly observe the heartbeat of a mouse embryo; pictures and videos are very clear and convenient to take!”

---State Key Laboratory of Ophthalmology, Zhongshan Ophthalmic Center, Sun Yat-sen University
MCAO model experiment

"Good quality, clear range of view, sufficient magnification, convenient foot pedal to control focus, and overall good results."

Shenzhen Institutes of Advanced Technology,Chinese Academy of Sciences
Insect observation

"Using the digital microscope to sort and select small insects with viruses such as mosquitoes, we magnified two mosquitoes in high-definition and proceeded to observe. I am satisfied with the very clear magnification effect of the RWD digital microscope."

---Yunnan Animal Science and Veterinary Institute
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