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Basic qualifications for dealer candidates
Experience in related field
Interested in this field
Having a sales network.
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What benifits will you  get?
Channel management system
& Distributors protection policy
  • Golden dealer certificate  & More competitive dealer price support.
  • In those market which doesn’t have exclusive agent, to avoid price competition between dealers, there are strict project policy among all the dealers.

Marketing and branding support
  • Online E-marketing support
  • On-site support, such as exhibition, conference and workshop cooperation etc.
  • End user enquiries sharing, strategic guidance for order.
  • Regular communication of marketing plan.

Work together with you to insight
your customer's demands
  • Products & market trainings: Applications, products features, technical service, contradistinction with competitors, repair, maintenance
  • Prompt after sale service: Professional international after sale service support team, which responds in 24 hrs and provides solutions in 48 hrs.  Field service may be provided by authorized RWD service providers. 
  • Help end-user to improve experimental skills through RWD  global academic exchange platform.

Strong supply chain support 
  • Annual capacity can reach 100,000 sets.
  • Various instruments including CNC Machine, Automatic Processing Station, Precise Digital-controlled Machine, etc.
  • The  quality control policy runs through our entire research and development, procurement, manufacturing and service process of RWD. 
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