Concerning Animal Anesthesia,

have You Encountered or are Currently Facing One of the Following Problems?
Large harm done to animals due to intravenous anesthesia

  • Great damage imposed on an animal’s liver and kidney functions
  • Intravenous anesthesia is invasive to animals
  • Severe respiratory depression and cardiovascular depression can occur, easily causing complications

Poor safety associated with intravenous anesthesia

  • High risk of accidental death to the animal
  • Personnel easily bitten or scratched by laboratory animals

Intravenous anesthesia resulting in low operation efficiency

  • Complicated procedures involved with preparation for intravenous anesthesia  
  • Inaccurate dosage control, resulting in the need to administrate more medicine or overdose
  • The duration of animal anesthesia and the depth of anesthesia cannot be effectively controlled
  • Cannot anesthetize multiple animals at the same time
Small range of application for intravenous anesthesia

  • Intravenous anesthesia is only suitable on a small range of animal surgeries, such as with myasthenia gravis
  • Unable to accurately reflect the signs of animal metabolism, such as with drug toxicity evaluation research
For Animal Experiments, Choose Inhalation Anesthesia First!
Animal Welfare
  1. Inhalation anesthesia hardly interferes with an animal’s liver and kidney metabolism
  2. Non-invasive operation and low complication risk after recovery, thus ensuring the welfare of laboratory animals
Animal Safety
  1. The output concentration and depth of anesthesia can be controlled
  2. Oxygen is supplied along with anesthesia, ensuring oxygenation to the body, and reducing risks involved with anesthesia
  3. Helps to protect internal organs
  4. Can easily be used to suppress stress response
Personnel Safety
  1. Zero leakage of anesthetic drugs (A waste gas recovery system protects the health of personnel)
  2. Animal contact time is short, better ensuring the safety of personnel

  1. Real-time adjustment of anesthesia status, stable and rapid recovery from anesthesia, simple operation
  2. Multiple animals can be anesthetized at the same time, simply, and efficiently
Wide Range of Application
Range of animal application: rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, cats, most dogs, and other animals weighing less than 100 kg (220 lb)

Range of situational application:
  1. Prolonged anesthesia: such as in open thoracotomy, imaging observation surgery, etc.
  2. Abbreviated anesthesia: such as with orbital blood collection from rats, marking animals, simple animal trauma treatment, etc.
  3. Overdosing of anesthesia: such as with animal euthanasia, in-depth study of anesthesia, etc.

Easy to Use
  1. Inhalation anesthesia equipment is simple to operate and easy to learn how to use
  2. Inhalation anesthesia equipment is also easy to set up and disassemble
RWD Sets the Standard for Safe and Efficient Anesthesia!
A Standard and Easy Choice
  • Small size, saving laboratory space
  • Ability to attach different components to meet diversified experimental needs; such as extended flow meter components (Different gas sources such as laughing gas, carbon dioxide, nitrogen, etc. can be attached)
A Classic Choice and Best-seller for the Past Ten Years
  • Wall-mount design, can be easily installed and hung on the wall to make full use of laboratory space
  • Stainless steel handle, convenient to be picked up and taken on the go, moved around, or used at any time
First choice for high-throughput anesthesia

  • The unique design of the induction box and anesthesia mask can simultaneously induce and maintain anesthesia, saving experimental time and improving work efficiency
  • The air channel for each anesthesia mask is able to be controlled independently, allowing five small animals to receive a proper amount of anesthesia simultaneously, or to give anesthesia only to select animals that need it.
The preferred choice for mobility

  • Provides integrate gas supply, induction of anesthesia, recovery of waste anesthetic gases, is convenient to set up and take down, and saves space
  • Swivel casters with locks provide easy stop and go, making mobile operation and unified management convenient
Recommended Solutions for Application of Inhalation Anesthesia

  • It can meet the anesthetic needs of 1-5 animals at the same time, and is compatible with MRI, PET, and SPECT imaging systems
  • The tube and mask can be placed and fixed arbitrarily on the desktop, and the height of the mask can be adjusted up and down
  • Provides active waste gas recovery to better protect the physical and mental health of operating personnel
  • Different types of locators and adapters can be exchanged to meet the needs of different stereotaxic experiments on the brain
  • Provides active waste gas recovery to better protect the physical and mental health of operating personnel
  • Surgery for animals that cannot breathe on their own due to long-term application or certain diseases that cause respiratory dysfunction
  • Suitable for mice, rats, guinea pigs and other animals weighing less than 1 kg (2.2 lb)
  • Suitable for use on pigs, monkeys, dogs, cats, and other large animals weighing around 50 kg (110 lb), this is a complete set of solutions for respiratory monitoring under anesthesia, bringing more security to large animals undergoing experimentation.
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