Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging System
 Full-Field Real-Time Blood Flow Monitoring
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Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging Description

RFLSI Ⅲ is based on the LSCI (laser speckle contrast Imaging) technology design, with non-invasive, non-contact and full-field rapid imaging(5 mils spatial resolution ), providing real-time blood flow monitoring for your reliable research.

  • Cerebral blood flow, MCAO model
  • Cortical Spreading Depression (CSD)
  • Hind/Critica Limb Ischaemia (HLI) /(CLI)
  • Neuro-Vascular Coupling
  • Burn Assessment, Traumatic Brain Injury(TBI), Sepsis, etc.
View Some References Published with RFLSI
"The pathological changes of BBB in acute/subacute phase of mTBI was associated with microcirculation insufficiency, as LSCI showed ~50% reduction in CBF in the impacted cortex 3 days after mTBI"
"Use the laser speckle observed the ablative meningeal lymphatics block RBC drainage to CLNs, No difference in cerebral blood flow observed between control mice and ....."
"The real-time regional velocity&distribution of blood flow, perfused blood vessel of sciatic nerve and foot pads were detected by LSCI(RFLSI Pro, RWD, China). Blood perfusion areas....."
"Carotid arterial thrombosis was induced with a filter paper-disc soaked with 10% FeCl3 and the blood flow monitored by laser speckle imaging RFLSI Pro RWD Life Science...."
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